Empathy drives usability

… usability cannot be designed for without understanding the social and physical mechanics of the context for a real-life user. Better Health Through Design: More Usable, Understandable, and Profitable John Maeda, KPCB Blog, December 8, 2015

Collection of tiny details

Getting the details right is the difference between something that delights, and something customers tolerate. Your software, your product, is nothing more than a collection of tiny details. If you don’t obsess over all those details, if you think it’s OK to concentrate on the “important” parts and continue to ignore the other umpteen dozen… Continue reading Collection of tiny details

Co-creation with clients generates shared ideas

Map is a London-based creative consultancy borne out of industrial design beginnings. It touts itself as having a “strategy-based” approach to its projects. The firm was recently highlighted in a Co.Design article where much was shared about their design processes. While a few ideas caught my attention, including their practice of designer-led research, this section of… Continue reading Co-creation with clients generates shared ideas

The heart of minimalism

Minimalism removes the meaningless to make room for the meaningful. – Jacob Jolibois What does this mean for a web/mobile app? For a website? I’d argue that a site or app isn’t “minimalist” or “simple” merely because it’s all white. Or just doesn’t have a lot of things on it*. Perhaps something is simple simply because… Continue reading The heart of minimalism