The Field Research Behind Zootopia

This weekend, my little humans watched Zootopia for the ump-teenth time. After the film, we watched the bonus feature, “Research: A True-Life Adventure.” It tells the story about how the directors and creative team dove into animal research before making the film. As explained by Director, Byron Howard: [John Lasseter, Chief Creative Officer for Walt Disney and… Continue reading The Field Research Behind Zootopia

Eames: Never Delegate Understanding

I recently watched a film on Charles & Ray Eames. It tells the story of their continuing influence in design. Scattered throughout the film were fascinating glimpses of their design process. I don’t think I could summarize their processes better than this: Perhaps more enduring than some of their designs was the method by which the team created: later… Continue reading Eames: Never Delegate Understanding

Sellable Shirts

The quality control (QC) process of inspecting a shirt has one main function. It ensures that the shirt was constructed according to the specifications of the shirt designer. Does the shirt have two equal sleeves? Yes, it does. Are the buttons sewed on firmly? Yes, quite firm. Are there holes for the collar-stays? Yes, there… Continue reading Sellable Shirts