The Field Research Behind Zootopia

This weekend, my little humans watched Zootopia for the ump-teenth time. After the film, we watched the bonus feature, “Research: A True-Life Adventure.” It tells the story about how the directors and creative team dove into animal research before making the film. As explained by Director, Byron Howard: [John Lasseter, Chief Creative Officer for Walt Disney and… Continue reading The Field Research Behind Zootopia

Eames: Never Delegate Understanding

I recently watched a film on Charles & Ray Eames. It tells the story of their continuing influence in design. Scattered throughout the film were fascinating glimpses of their design process. I don’t think I could summarize their processes better than this: Perhaps more enduring than some of their designs was the method by which the team created: later… Continue reading Eames: Never Delegate Understanding

Empathy drives usability

… usability cannot be designed for without understanding the social and physical mechanics of the context for a real-life user. Better Health Through Design: More Usable, Understandable, and Profitable John Maeda, KPCB Blog, December 8, 2015